Thursday, 27 May 2010



This is another card i have made

i had this paper from the goodybag which i got on saturday, as much as the stamp is not for me the rest is. This paper has little bits of glitter on it and soon as i saw the paper i had to make this card

its from one sheet the butterflies was cut out and i used the pinflair glue to make the stand out
added a cuttlebug die " so kind" and added a gem

I hope the person likes it

New Camera

New camera

On a whim i brought a new camera as my old digital crappy thing was dying, i couldn't zoom or it wouldn't take pictures all the time so i brought a new one.
Not really had time to play but took these in the garden yesterday and the sun was out and got some good photos.

Chloe in the bush looking for the bird's nest ( still hasn't got it thank god)

the clematis

pass on this flower lol

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

new card

summer days

Made a card today with the new stamp i brought and the cosmic shimmers as well so been having a play about

the stamp was from hobby art
the other stamp is from stamping up
the butterfly punch the xcut range
gems from doctafts
and the cosmic shimmer used was pastel lemon,pastel lime and orange sunrise

the papers was old cardstock and the ribbon was from the market in birmingham at 5p a mtr

Monday, 17 May 2010

how to be a ninja

been some laughing and joking recently in a few groups i am in so today i have decided to do it

thats the link of how to do one

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Wales and things

After putting off the visit to wales due to my ill health and the fact of emptying the caravan would mean getting rid of some more of Nicks moms things, wasn't that easy to face.

we decided to go yesterday and empty the caravan, we got there at 1030am the weather was lovely with temperatures hitting 17°C which was lush, if the caravan was up to it, i wouldn't have come home but the caravan was infested with mice and as much i will be sad to see the old caravan gone i will be so glad when we get a new one

the above link is the one we are thinking at going for, as much as its allot of money, for 25 + years of rest and relaxation all in a 2 1/2 hour drive makes it worth it, and my family can use it so an added get away

So apologies i didn't get back to people yesterday

Friday, 14 May 2010

New Hair

With me feeling low lately i decided to go get my hair trimmed but they offered me free red streaks so i said yes and had a few in my fringe but they moved it to the other side for a change so i need to train it now

so here it its i look a tad pale still but im hoping i will be better soon

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Sweet 16 Card

Sweet 16 card

One of my friends daughters is 16 soon, and me being off work. I decided to try a sweet 16 card. The images was from a set i brought a while back and all the images are lush I'm hoping i have done them justice. I used the stamping up paper stash Lisa sent me and i got them today and added a few little gems on the pink flower paper to add some sparkle. The image was then layered a few times and i added some shimmering glitter to the headband so you can still see the pink on it, added some gloss onto the lips and eyes and the bottle of pop and the bags :) For the sentiment i printed it out and matted and layered onto the same paper and the mirror board and found some embellishments from lake land which fit perfectly with the theme. Lastly i used my bug and cut the 16 out which i added at the top right , now just has to dry then i can send it out. Thanks for taking the time to look x

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

last of my 121 swaps

last of my 121 swaps for now

finally i have finished all my 121 swaps and the last one is drying, I'm hoping when my flutter-fly goes to USA that it will remain raised up
Been a weird week as been ill with my ibs, had a few very down parts and a few hours when the cramps are easing so been able to sit here craft with a water bottle on my tummy, sounds strange but it helps, The tablets are helping me as well now I'm playing the waiting game with work for the results i so need, to put this to an end and get back to my job.

the above is a white butterfly, i had problems thinking about this one so i got the x cut punch out did a few layers added with some beads and it sort of come together.

the orential one was made smaller with MCS and some peel offs and then a bookmark fan on some acitate.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

121 atc swaps for Marianne

121 swaps with Marianne on the atc 4 all group

Below is one of the swaps i have agreed to do with Marianne its my versions
This was a challenge as i knew what i wanted to do but the colours i couldnt find the image, after looking most of the morning i found this in my files and knew straight away that i loved it and had to use it.

the above atc is called friends, the image was a lady in a field of flowers with a little butterfly on so i made it smaller and layered it up. used some pink and black card stock and a pink ribbon with some silver gems on and a do crafts silver peel off flower . the acetate wrap was made and so that i could put the swirl accent on and the flower and added a few more gems. Marianne wanted this as a surprise i really hope she will love it as much as i do.

the next one is the oriental which the image was screaming out to be used so i got some nice card stock and layered it up added some peel offs and gems and some glaze and then set to work on the wrap, this was folded over and i used an eyelet to close it up with a coin ( from my candle don't tell nick lol) added a gold peel off of a building added some glaze and some gems.

The last one was an animal the cat is trying to rest but the pesky mice are playing on the tail and using it as a slide lol
added some paws background paper and a peel off ball of string and some paws peel offs and theacetatee wrap was used to have the peel off sentiment which says"I'm just resting my eyes" which i foundamazingg and adefoo for thisatcc

I really hope she will like these

if anyone would like these images just pm me and i will get them sent over x

Raks atcs

Raks for Sarah and Yvonne in atc's 4 all group

The above atc is for Sarah, as i would hate to see her left out when cammy gets the card and the keyring so i added this little hello in as well, The image is one from my ever growing library.
i added some glitter from hobby art the really fine stuff.
layered it up a few times and used a simple hello stamp from stamping up and a simple little brad from paper mania

The atc above is for Yvonne who passed her exams, the image was from the PC but I'm sure its a penny black stamp which as soon as i an source it i will buy it i think :)
matted and layered onto some gloss black card stock and some red and added a shrink plastic greeting and glazed it

Monday, 10 May 2010

Batman keyring

Batman Keyring

As you can see been busy alot of the daymade this simple keyring to go with the batman card.

Used an old keyclip and a ring added some gold chain and some shrink plastic images which went with the card.
The images was printed straight onto shrink plastic and it dried really quick i hope the images stay on there for a while.

Batman! for sarahs Child


I remembered while looking through all my emails that i owed Sarah's Child i think his names Cammy a batman card ( been so useless lately)
so i set to work and designed an easel card and some batman themed images as i know he likes it.

I kept the colour scheme clean with black card and yellow card stock ( we wont go into backing white card onto black paper when i had card stock in black ( dippy moi )

I tripled embossed the bat on the front of the card but i so need some new clear embossing powder as mine has flecks of silver in :( used some 3d foam pads to layer it so it looks more stand out. added a batman title to it and covered it in glaze, had to open a new one as i misplaced my old stock and I'm fuming as i cant find it!!!!

Added an batman and joker image on the back so it looked completed. All i need to do now is let it dry and try get my shrink plastic through my printer as its not erm printable shrink plastic lol ( thats for the keyring im going to try make)

least I'm thinking more positive now my ibs is still bad and I'm still stressed but thanks to the call from Kelly last night and Sue on msn they are helping me through it.

hope you like it x

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Recycled Atcs

Recycled Challenge

Lipton berry Tea

Green tree

Truti Fruity Chew bar

The challenge was to use as much as you can with recycled stuff.
So there was i hunting high and and low in the recycling box and i found a old sweet carton wrapper, and some Lipton tea i was about to throw away.

1. the Lipton tea i cut the box up and got the teabag unpicked so it made a pillow. and placed it on a atc made out of a rice box. trust me all you can smell is the berries but shame the tea tastes of nothing but water!

2. the Green gingham bush was an old card which i took the gingham and matted it onto a card atc which was made from the rice package again and i used the bush which i printed out last year which looks kinda cute, added some diamond glaze and a gem and lastly a dragon fly plastic charm

3. The sweet one was cut and matted all onto it and stuck on, I'm not that happy with it so i could make the change in the next few days if i find something suitable.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my blog x

121 swaps aminals

Animals atcs

The stamps used are Hero Arts the elephant collection, which i stamped out on some different card stock and layered it up and added the little mouse called titch

I still think i needs something more what do u think?

This image was found in my library of images and i had to print it out so i did.
layered it onto some black and a slightly orange card stock and added diamond glaze to make the Dalmatians spots stand out.

Dont bug me Challenge Atc

Don't Bug Me Challenge

Above is the front of the easel Atc

Above is the back of the atc easel

The challenge was don't bug me, so after discussing in length that spiders aren't a bug i was not to sure about bee's but thought what the hell and found my pc crafter images out.i found the pc crafters images and thought Wow these will be suitable

I made a atc template out which was 10.5 inches by 2.5 inches and scored it 3 times for the atc size
I scored itand made it so it opens like an easel shaped like in January 2010 when i first started to make them,
I printed out some honeycomb's background paper from the pc crafter images and matted it onto some orange card stock
I cut the " don't bug me " onto some hard card stock and layered it up a few times so it gave the stop for the easel slipping off.
Then layered the bees house on to the atc and added a few bee's which i admit i added a few more on, lastly i added some bumble bear images on the back so it didn't look bear.

I added diamond glaze some stickles clear glitter glue and some gems onto the atc to add dimension

May butterfly of the month

This is with the stamping up set Flight of the butterfly and the punch also from stamping up which is heavy! but if i get robbed i can hit them over the head with it so 2 in one tool Yay

I stamped the "if nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies" i love this sentiment and i love all butterflies at the moment. this was stamped onto some mint card stock and embossed with some clear embossing powder.
i then punched the butterfly out 4 times in 4 different contrasting colours and some dots on velum which i had ages ago and never used. layered together using diamond glaze and added 3 green beads for the body.
Lastly i matted and layered it all together added a punched flower from dove craft and some gems

I have to admit i love stamping up projects, if you require some info please contact Lisa Lovell on here blog where i know she can help you as time and time again she helps me spend more than the stampers 10 a month and i have just renewed to carry on going .

Mays Atcs Wild Flowers

The images used are Gina Jane Fleurs they are very pretty watercoloured images which come to life on some decent printed paper and some card stock
Used some ribbon and some brads diamond glaze and shrink plastic. I have to admit been using stamping ups Tomboy Multi liquid glue and its fab !!!!

If you want the images give me a yell and i will do my best x



So sorry that i haven't been posting much, with things going on at work and home, things have been a bit of a distressing time of late.

Probate is through at last which to us means we can sell the house and get a new caravan in wales in Llwyngwril not far from Fairbourne, where his moms old caravan is and we are hoping to put some of her ashes on the bush with Nicks dads if we haven't lost the plot ( which I'm hoping we haven't)

Chloe and Clover are getting on better which is good news Chloe loves going out while Clover still is lazy as ever but she will get up and play occasionally with Chloe play fighting. seems as Chloe's ear is healed well considering we don't actually know what happened but it makes her unique lol. As you can see from the photo she seems happy enough and still manages to cause trouble

Work is still the same I'm still based at New Street Station where i hate if I'm honest and I'm so used to being busy in that job I'm not :( . The case is still ongoing which means I'm still ill on and of and as much as i was being positive and thinking the same the visit to the work doctor wasn't what i hoped, he brought it all back to life where i was ill again and this time 10 times worse so after trying not to to go see my own GP, which he is brilliant and tries to help me out with different medications and to try to stop the stress and the anxiety and so again back on tablets to try help me out. Since November i have lost about 1 stone and half my mom said not all bad but i didn't want to loose it from being ill. Im hoping the end of may we will have it all resolved and i can get back to my job as roster clerk as i really miss the signallers and the managers as much as it pains to upset me. lol but they arent all bad just proved to me who i can really trust in this job and the answer is about 4 that's very low with how many i speak and get on with but someone once said to me " when your a roster clerk everyone wants to be your friend" and trust me that's so true.

Also lost a friendship who i valued allot as she said i wasn't there for her and i was on such a downer i was being selfish and in my own world so I'm sorry Lynne x

done some atcs as not much i can do feeling like this i will post them all after

Take care all

Jacqui x