Friday, 12 June 2009


Mom was taken into hospital yesterday morning at 8am. My dad said she was feeling poorly and not very well, so to be safe they dialled 999 and got the emergency services out. I got a call from work at 1230 ish which i was told it was just low blood pressure and not to worry.
had a really rough few days at work but that's a diff story my only point on this is i need to get out of there asap.
got home about 545 which is allot later than normal as a meeting i was dragged in went on longer than normal and it wasn't a good meeting and i was angry and upset anyway and that just topped of my day!

rang dad and he was going back to the hospital as mom was poorly and she was very confused asking for her mom and wanting to go home ( shes in no state to go home)
my dad then got upset and angry and told my mom that she needs to stay put or it could end up like last time!!
i hate to see my dad upset my mom ill and i was in a state.

she has a water infection which has caused the confusion the low blood pressure and the general mom not being well.

I'm off work today as i didn't sleep and not had much sleep and to be honest work is the least of my problems right now

hope every ones week is going better than mine x

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

new card for MIl

This is the card i have made yep its taken me ages to do as i have been so busy but i love this card
its just under an a4 sheet of card and im hoping that my mother in law will like it