Thursday, 17 December 2009

xmas cards 2009

Xmas goodie bag

Not the

best of photos i admit

Thortons choccys and harbro teddies
nesties labels 4 used
docrafts cardstock and some hobbyart stamps

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A challenge

Most of you know that nicks mom is ill with terninal cancer and is in hospital and she is pretty high on morphine, Its not looking good as to get her out of hospital at the moment.

is there any possibility i could ask a big favour and get some people from pcu and the craft blogs to make her some cards to cheer her up

i know everyone is busy with Christmas etc but she is really down and I would like to cheer her up somehow

with this in mind, if anyone can do this i am prepared to get a craft goodie bag onto my blog to say thanks to all who can help me with this

I know i am asking alot but some cheering up would be great x

Saturday, 21 November 2009

hanging Atc project

had a challenge from the Pcu / Crafters Corner for a atc hanging decoration
I messured a die which was roughly the width but not the height and thought stuff it im gonna send it on and see what happens as thats me

The finished article

one of the snowflakes and the connector used

How to fasten it onto the tree

Cuttle-bug cut and emboss die ( no item number but can get the link if required)
didn't use the emboss bit as needed to use glitter card

Silver chain from an old necklace and the beads use to make the fastener also on the same necklace ( thrifty or what)

charm was an stocking at the bottom which nick seems to think was an old boot ( bar humbug to him)

This looks really good hanging up i might make a few more

atcs for nov 09

the scenic collection

the hat collection

flower of the month violet colour

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Most people know that the last few months have been a little trying on anyone's patience with my job issues and other friends that enjoy using me and me being stupid let them!!!!

As we run a airsoft club which most of the management team are people who help out alot on game days with the hiring of the air soft guns or the shop and the likes. i have been running the shop now for little over a year which i have to admit some times i like and some times i dont!!!

but lately we have had a fuck wit who hasn't been at the club for ages and we know is ill which is ok as he is ill and cant attend a meeting or a game day cant be bothered to log on to the club website and make apoloigies then we find out he has been working and when i asked him about working etc he said yep and he cant be bothered to log onto the club website. this is the person who we spent 100.00 on a 1st aid course and the silly man cant be arsed t come back and when he was skint it was the club who gave him the money to go to away game. so i said something and he ignored me again and again....

2 weeks ago most of you know nick smom was diagnosed with cancer we was told that it was terninal and she will die. not good at all and then i asked everyone not to send jokes and stuff which could offend me or upset and he didn't listen once he just carried it on and on to the point that i had a go and now it seems the management team want to keep him. I feel like we are justa running joke and feel like cancelling helping out the shop, i make a bit of money but for a 12 houir day and 3 hours teh night before making food i dont think its worth it now

sorry for the eant as you can see im pissed off and pretty angry x

My card for Mom

Made for my Mom from Nick and me. the cat hasnt got time to make one as yet as shes been sleeping allday!!!!

flippen woman sheet
pink glittered paper
and mom background

To my wife on her Birthday Card

My dad asked me to do a card for my mom of him for her birthday tomorrow. after racking my brains this was the only thing that appealed to me ( maybe that's pig flu for you)

its a image from my own library of images and with some ribbon a local find at 3p a mtre some embellishments i like this card but i think its a little christmassy?

what do u think?

docrafts paper
mirror board
image my own
embellishments from an old bracelet

Sunday, 15 November 2009

North Pole Stamp ( personal use only)

as above a image i was sent through a group i use i don't know the copy write so please keep it for personal use only...
sharing something i think its so cute for the Christmas holidays

have fun with it xxxxxx

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Matchbox challenge PCU

The theme was a matchbox challenge. to alter it decorate it and fill as many cards in as you could,
when i painted the matchbox i wasn't happy with the colour it came out nor when i papered it so me being me decided that i would make my own boxes. Below shows you the photo of many boxes i tried to get the design right and finally after about 6 boxes i decided on it.
but they make great storage containers lol

the finished box and the bells are tiny little jingle bells they are so cute and dainty

The box opened

my final 6 cards

Things used to get the matchbox card right in the end :)

xcut holly punch
wood ware Christmas pudding stamps
wood ware elf's little helper stamps
penny black stamps
scallop die cuts
misc brads, buttons and eyelets
craft time little bells
do-crafts glittered peel off's
misc peel off for front of box
Misc images from my library

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

bad time :(

At the moment in time i haven't been crafting due to how i have been feeling about work, and to top it off Nicks mom has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, which came as a shock to us as well as his mom.

we have been back and forth to the hospital nicks not sleeping ( as expected) and im tossing and turning. Nicks work has been fantastic my work erm next

Bunny snow

Not the best photo in the world lol
Image from my library of images ( if u want it shout )
layered up stickles glue used on his jumper and peel offs along the edge of the card
a piece of acetate on the front with gems stuck on the front and a peel off sentiment


image from my library of you want the image give me a shout
stamp from hero arts and some simple matting and layering x

Sunday, 25 October 2009

other 60th card

The other 60th Birthday card i had to make :)

60th Birthday card no.1

Made for a lady who is reaching 60 soon
i hope she likes it

flipping women image
stamp ( docrafts )
the 60 lettering cuttlebug

Friday, 23 October 2009

Monday, 19 October 2009

walk about

had a walk in the garden today mainly to get some air and to find out why the cat was running about like a mad thing!!!!

this is my finds

as you can see we have some lovely colours for the autumn just cheered me up
alas i couldn't find out what what was going on with the cat lol

Saturday, 17 October 2009

new tattoo

for those who use facebook and read my strap lines and look at my photos occasionally some properly have noticed that i have had a new tattoo done

goes on my wrist from the back to the front

atc's for October PCu group

1920's theme

really hard to choose from some fabulous images from google

Flower of the month orange

and lastly Halloween challenge

Sunday, 11 October 2009

card from clover

Every year we always get a card made for my dad from the cat standing joke for my mom and dad
this year i saw thi simage and had to make a card simple but i like it

New Cards

front view

back view

dads birthday card from me and nick
took me ages as this is the first flipping men card i have done and the 1st card i have done for a while being honest but starting to get crafting again :)

Monday, 31 August 2009

No cards but an Update

So Sorry i have not been on for ages but i haven't been crafting or doing anything crafty of late.

Went back to work as planned after my Ibs and stress went better and the meeting to get things sorted got me back to work which i was so happy all went well. went back to work after being away for a few days in Wales which to be honest the fresh air did me the world of good but the weather was very hit and miss so we came home on the wed night as it was doing my head in.

Work wise has been still busy and feels like nothing changes there being honest im still working hard but i don't think i want to be doing it 5 years down the line but we will see

i feel bad that i joined the stampers 10 and so far i haven't made a card but i will have to get my ass into gear and start as i know christmas will be here soon and ill be in a mad rush doing cards again

This weekend has been spent at bassetts pole doing the whole air soft weekend, i have to admit it was fantastic to relax chill and see people i don't always see and there was a fair bit of drinking done opps!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

baby card

This is the 1st card i have made for ages.
I need to do about 3 baby cards and this is the 1st one.

the paper was from a scrap kit from nitwits I think
the stamp " life is full of new beginnings" is made by Hampton art stamps
the image was a psp tube which i fell in love with and used diamond glaze to raise some of the image up
the feet are brads coloured with a blue pigment pad and embossed with clear embossing powder

hope u like it xxxx

Friday, 12 June 2009


Mom was taken into hospital yesterday morning at 8am. My dad said she was feeling poorly and not very well, so to be safe they dialled 999 and got the emergency services out. I got a call from work at 1230 ish which i was told it was just low blood pressure and not to worry.
had a really rough few days at work but that's a diff story my only point on this is i need to get out of there asap.
got home about 545 which is allot later than normal as a meeting i was dragged in went on longer than normal and it wasn't a good meeting and i was angry and upset anyway and that just topped of my day!

rang dad and he was going back to the hospital as mom was poorly and she was very confused asking for her mom and wanting to go home ( shes in no state to go home)
my dad then got upset and angry and told my mom that she needs to stay put or it could end up like last time!!
i hate to see my dad upset my mom ill and i was in a state.

she has a water infection which has caused the confusion the low blood pressure and the general mom not being well.

I'm off work today as i didn't sleep and not had much sleep and to be honest work is the least of my problems right now

hope every ones week is going better than mine x

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

new card for MIl

This is the card i have made yep its taken me ages to do as i have been so busy but i love this card
its just under an a4 sheet of card and im hoping that my mother in law will like it

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Still no cards or crafts

Haven't been able to make any cards or start my little atc's or any other crafting at the moment

As much as work has calmed down there is still issues at work i am not happy about and i still feel that i am being picked on and I'm feeling very down about it. which has made me start logging anything which is happening at work, which is something i don't want to do as i makes me look like i am nit picking but we will see.

the weekend has been changed i was going to make some cards and a 3d pram as my niece gets christened this weekend but alas we haven't been able to attend due to nicks uncle who is dying from cancer being rushed into hospital on Saturday morning, so ha vent been able to start thing as the worrying of having to rush off!

Last night i marinated some fresh salmon in a lime and corinder sauce and baked it into a steam foil bag thingy and served with some peas and jersey mids they was fantastic !

Today the chicken is defrosting and will eat that later when we are back from the hospital.

some garden photos

These are some photos from my garden which i got Nick to take yesterday. i am in love with the garden as its no grass an just pebbles on 3 diff layers and all the plants was there when we brough the house
hope u enjoy looking at my plants x

Thursday, 28 May 2009

blog candy alert

elizabeth has been so kind and offered some fab blog candy as pictured below
follow the link to see what you have to do
beware it does finish soon x