Thursday, 28 May 2009

feeling of a loss ( server down at work lol)

Been at work since 7.40 am so i can make a start on all the boring admin we have to do ( which my fault as i didnt keep up to date opps) All the rosters have been published apart from the South mom ( mobile operations manager)

Been a funny old week as Boss has been away on leave so the office has been happy stressfree and generally a better athosphere. which makes me think that it wasnt all in my head now and that things have been happening. but the light has been made and hopefully we will be seeing changes in the office soon and i can just be a happy bunny!

Most of you know that we run a site in Bassetts Pole for airsoft its like paintball but the guns are air guns and the bulletts are little centermetre clay things which hurts when they hit you! so we have had to cancel the big game booked in august as we didnt get enough people so we have had to cancel which has kicked off on that forum, so me being me has been keeping an eye on the forum making sure noone is saying things they shouldnt and the likes :(

Thats my week boring busy and hassled lol

Hope lynne is getting ok with her home improvments and sorry i havent been about to chat

thanks mary for your package yours will be sent tomorrow


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gypsyrose said...

good to hear you had a better week at work. hope it continues
shame the game had to be cancelled, glad the package arrived ok
thanks in advance for yours
take care