Monday, 31 August 2009

No cards but an Update

So Sorry i have not been on for ages but i haven't been crafting or doing anything crafty of late.

Went back to work as planned after my Ibs and stress went better and the meeting to get things sorted got me back to work which i was so happy all went well. went back to work after being away for a few days in Wales which to be honest the fresh air did me the world of good but the weather was very hit and miss so we came home on the wed night as it was doing my head in.

Work wise has been still busy and feels like nothing changes there being honest im still working hard but i don't think i want to be doing it 5 years down the line but we will see

i feel bad that i joined the stampers 10 and so far i haven't made a card but i will have to get my ass into gear and start as i know christmas will be here soon and ill be in a mad rush doing cards again

This weekend has been spent at bassetts pole doing the whole air soft weekend, i have to admit it was fantastic to relax chill and see people i don't always see and there was a fair bit of drinking done opps!

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Trak said...

Hey jacqui please to meet you i am trak chris's wife i also love crafting and you dont live far away you have to pop over sometime as long as you like cats you will be ok hehehe
hugs trak xx