Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Most people know that the last few months have been a little trying on anyone's patience with my job issues and other friends that enjoy using me and me being stupid let them!!!!

As we run a airsoft club which most of the management team are people who help out alot on game days with the hiring of the air soft guns or the shop and the likes. i have been running the shop now for little over a year which i have to admit some times i like and some times i dont!!!

but lately we have had a fuck wit who hasn't been at the club for ages and we know is ill which is ok as he is ill and cant attend a meeting or a game day cant be bothered to log on to the club website and make apoloigies then we find out he has been working and when i asked him about working etc he said yep and he cant be bothered to log onto the club website. this is the person who we spent 100.00 on a 1st aid course and the silly man cant be arsed t come back and when he was skint it was the club who gave him the money to go to away game. so i said something and he ignored me again and again....

2 weeks ago most of you know nick smom was diagnosed with cancer we was told that it was terninal and she will die. not good at all and then i asked everyone not to send jokes and stuff which could offend me or upset and he didn't listen once he just carried it on and on to the point that i had a go and now it seems the management team want to keep him. I feel like we are justa running joke and feel like cancelling helping out the shop, i make a bit of money but for a 12 houir day and 3 hours teh night before making food i dont think its worth it now

sorry for the eant as you can see im pissed off and pretty angry x

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