Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Sorry i haven't been about as much posting stuff but stuff to sort out and not feeling that crafty.

home stuff

The funeral went well as could be expected we was expecting 25-30 and we got 70-80 people, after the service about 5-10 people came back to the house and we was home by 6pm..

His mom's estate is in probate at the moment we haven't decided whenever to move to Sutton or stay here but one thing that we need is a new caravan to keep her memory alive and Nicks dads ashes are there.

Nick and i are slowly getting things sorted and plans for the future and now having both cats are very trying at times but also they make me smile as chole is a joker and so playful.


i had my return to work yesterday which was very worrying due to the anxiety i felt about the place and my boss and if the stuff what was happening would happen again and being honest i just didnt want to be there. BUT My main manager mentioned about a temporary transfer from rosters to new street station offices to help them out due to sickness etc. i decided that i should do it as it was temporary and will give me thinking time.....

im going to get my life back and start afresh and hopefully the boss problems will go away or i can get a permanent transfer

take care and speak to u all soon xxx

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mamacass55 said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, I had no idea that your Mother-in-law had died. Please also pass on my condolences to Nick


Nuala (from 3D)