Saturday, 28 March 2009

baby Isabelle and Me

Last weekend we had a little guest stay at my parents and me being me thought right i can get a nice new photo for my blog and also some photos for the scrapbook i am starting very soon.

She is just coming up to being 5 months old on the 8th April and i have to say i love her to bits. even though she looks at me like i am a crazy woman singing her songs that i cant remember the words to, so like many craft projects i impervise the whole family was laughing when i was singing the wheels on the bus. but i dont care it settled little isabell and i fed her a bottle.

I am completely in love with her and i know oneday i hope that god will grace me with a child for us to cherish.


gypsyrose said...

She is so beautiful, a lovely photo of you both,
hugs Mary

Crafty_Kitten said...

Lovely photo. Such a gorgeous little girl. Are you her aunt? It is so lovely to be able to do the mumsy things and then give them
xx Lynn xx