Saturday, 25 April 2009

Bad week

My week has been horrendous.

Work has been pure hell thanks to a mistake i made well i think it was silly as i could have been easily sorted out and yet i forgot about it and what could have happened didnt happen but we was still uncovered in a job that can not be uncovered. I feel really bad about it and work are investigating it as we speak so who knows what will happen, i hope and pray the union rep will be able to find out whats going on for me. People say and asumme my job is not stressful but at times it can be when covering sickness and shifts that people dont want to work or dont want to do 12 hours ( it can be hard and deflating) but you have to do your best and remain postive which u can see im not feeling hsppy about it.

My friend has also found out who her true friends are and im starting to agree with her that some friends arent worth it and should be treated how they treat you. but i try and see good in everyone and it hurts when people crap on you and treat you like dirt.

I did some baking last night some blueberry muffins, as you can see one is missing thats me eating muffins when they have just come out the oven. I will add the recipe later x

Made nicks card as below and enjoyed that, looking for ideas have to do a few more cards and a atc left for the april showers as i dont think the one i did was good enough.

Thats my week update sorry to have rambled i just feel so crap!

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twiggypeasticks said...

Sorry to hear about your crappola time at work, sure it'll all sort itself out, we've all made mistakes when we're tired and overstretched, here's a cyber hug ((hugs)). Lovely cards and those muffins look scrummy.
Chin up.
twiggy x