Monday, 27 April 2009


Evening all

Nothing much to say Spoke to the rep on Saturday night and he seems to think the same as me and is looking into the things i have mentioned to him. I didn't really want to get a rep involved as i didn't think i needed it to be honest, but the more i have thought about it i thought why wouldn't i! I mean i pay the subs out my wages which is about £12.00 a month and when i need the support i should be asking them and not assuming i can cope on my own.
My boss is my boss she is caring to a extent but i feel that she should have done more and told me more about the certain roster involved and then i wouldn't be this stressed this worked up about it and yet its my own stupid fault!!!!! yep I'm on a negative drive at the moment, the only thing keeping me normal is crafting Nick and the cat who is still fat as ever and sleepy

Tomorrow i am worrying about what could or would happen before its even got here, I have done my lunch and i am going to work hard as normal and keep my head down.
i hope you like my new title of my card blog this i made myself in psp tonight

Anyway I'm going to go and have a drink and chill before going to sleep

sleep well and don't let the bed bugs bite !

P.s Nick loved his solider card :)

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