Sunday, 5 April 2009

weekend and what a week.

Evening all :)

its been a busy week at work with my boss leaving, which was such a sad day as he was a fair and great big boss its a shame that my work couldnt have kept him after all the experence and all the time he knew about the railway now he is in limbo land so to speak where he hasnt got another job and is looking. i really hope he can find a new job soon.

Thursday was a sad day Nicks uncles ladyfriend has sadly passed away she lost the battle of cancer at 530pm. we all knew it was coming and for her to get this far was such a great achivemment she will be missed xRIP Angela now you will be in no more pain and in a better place

Friday and Saturday was busy with food shopping and doing the rolls for airsoft which we own a site, very simular to paintballing but 10 times better. we had over 100 people there great weather and a good day had from all.
the rest of the weekend has been a blur as one saturday a month i do it and im so tired we dont cook we get home have a bath and order take out

Sunday was spent with housework and ironing and cooking the dinner as someone in the house namly Nick couldnt be arsed to help me so i just did it makes me think at times how selfish he can be but thats men for you.

started to do the atcs for the pcu forum and do the forum comp cards as well.

bring on easter weekend i say .

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