Monday, 27 April 2009


Evening all

Nothing much to say Spoke to the rep on Saturday night and he seems to think the same as me and is looking into the things i have mentioned to him. I didn't really want to get a rep involved as i didn't think i needed it to be honest, but the more i have thought about it i thought why wouldn't i! I mean i pay the subs out my wages which is about £12.00 a month and when i need the support i should be asking them and not assuming i can cope on my own.
My boss is my boss she is caring to a extent but i feel that she should have done more and told me more about the certain roster involved and then i wouldn't be this stressed this worked up about it and yet its my own stupid fault!!!!! yep I'm on a negative drive at the moment, the only thing keeping me normal is crafting Nick and the cat who is still fat as ever and sleepy

Tomorrow i am worrying about what could or would happen before its even got here, I have done my lunch and i am going to work hard as normal and keep my head down.
i hope you like my new title of my card blog this i made myself in psp tonight

Anyway I'm going to go and have a drink and chill before going to sleep

sleep well and don't let the bed bugs bite !

P.s Nick loved his solider card :)

1st wallet card

I dont know how it actually works making a wallet card i did one a long time ago with a cd in it of images for someone of docrafts that was me making one up now i had a premade template which i wasnt that happy with so i changed it slightly.

photo one

as above shows the finished wallet card. i used a gsd file of a swirl which i made allot smaller and embossed with clear powder to make the colour allot stronger and the sentiment was from the do crafts range. The paper was from a scrapbook download which is so pretty i just had to use it.
Photo 2
is the same paper matted and layered and also added a verse which i will add later as it made me smile. to keep it secure i added some Velcro which was self adhesive which was also alot easier
Added the scalloped shapes and also some charms as below

Photo 3

Thank you for atc host PCU

Made to say thanks for the lady who does the pcu atc swap i hope she likes the little bear x
and just pt some choccys in to go with it x

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Bad week

My week has been horrendous.

Work has been pure hell thanks to a mistake i made well i think it was silly as i could have been easily sorted out and yet i forgot about it and what could have happened didnt happen but we was still uncovered in a job that can not be uncovered. I feel really bad about it and work are investigating it as we speak so who knows what will happen, i hope and pray the union rep will be able to find out whats going on for me. People say and asumme my job is not stressful but at times it can be when covering sickness and shifts that people dont want to work or dont want to do 12 hours ( it can be hard and deflating) but you have to do your best and remain postive which u can see im not feeling hsppy about it.

My friend has also found out who her true friends are and im starting to agree with her that some friends arent worth it and should be treated how they treat you. but i try and see good in everyone and it hurts when people crap on you and treat you like dirt.

I did some baking last night some blueberry muffins, as you can see one is missing thats me eating muffins when they have just come out the oven. I will add the recipe later x

Made nicks card as below and enjoyed that, looking for ideas have to do a few more cards and a atc left for the april showers as i dont think the one i did was good enough.

Thats my week update sorry to have rambled i just feel so crap!

Nicks card

Its Nicks Birthday on monday and i have just finished his card :)

the orginal idea didnt go to plan as the james bond ideas just wasnt working so this instead.

hope you like it

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Birthday card

This card was a image i have had for a few weeks with card in mind i needed to print it out and see what it was like. the image is like a water painted image and prints out lovely.

the stamp is from the hero arts elephants range


Over the next week or so i will be changing my blog and also trying to get some galleries for cards and well as my atcs......
Been a little busy with work again and getting the housework done etc

hope everyone is ok and having a good weekend x

Monday, 13 April 2009

atc pcu post 2

eggsstra special made for the pcu forum for the challenge.
wanted something different,

Critter spring for the winner takes all

and bluebells for blue flower of the month

atc challenge for the PCU forum

Pink and Black Theme

Images from daisy company, and other images sourced from the Internet also cuttle bug embossing folder was used on the 1st atc.

Music Theme
One Hangar stamped image from Elizabeth from Do crafts thank you hunny, Harp dancers was images sourced from the net. the guitar charm was a old pair of earrings which brought in a bundle from a charity shop for 5p.
Have some more to add later :)

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Happiness is....

This image i saw and had to use as it reminded me of spring and the thought of what hapiness is.
its for a lady called Mary who won the cd when i offered my blog candy to. with all the problems at home and work i havent had time to send it out till today but this has now gone with some goodies and the cd.

The image was a psp tube which was converted to a png and the stamp was hero arts and finished with a flower and a gem brad and then the photo was just emblished with glitter and some diamond glaze.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Congrats to Suzie

Suzie has just opened up her shop so i would like to wish her well x

Blog Candy By suzie

Suzie is offering some blog candy as she has just opened her shop and i for one would like to wish her all the best in her venture.
her link is or click on the photo.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

weekend and what a week.

Evening all :)

its been a busy week at work with my boss leaving, which was such a sad day as he was a fair and great big boss its a shame that my work couldnt have kept him after all the experence and all the time he knew about the railway now he is in limbo land so to speak where he hasnt got another job and is looking. i really hope he can find a new job soon.

Thursday was a sad day Nicks uncles ladyfriend has sadly passed away she lost the battle of cancer at 530pm. we all knew it was coming and for her to get this far was such a great achivemment she will be missed xRIP Angela now you will be in no more pain and in a better place

Friday and Saturday was busy with food shopping and doing the rolls for airsoft which we own a site, very simular to paintballing but 10 times better. we had over 100 people there great weather and a good day had from all.
the rest of the weekend has been a blur as one saturday a month i do it and im so tired we dont cook we get home have a bath and order take out

Sunday was spent with housework and ironing and cooking the dinner as someone in the house namly Nick couldnt be arsed to help me so i just did it makes me think at times how selfish he can be but thats men for you.

started to do the atcs for the pcu forum and do the forum comp cards as well.

bring on easter weekend i say .