Sunday, 9 May 2010

Recycled Atcs

Recycled Challenge

Lipton berry Tea

Green tree

Truti Fruity Chew bar

The challenge was to use as much as you can with recycled stuff.
So there was i hunting high and and low in the recycling box and i found a old sweet carton wrapper, and some Lipton tea i was about to throw away.

1. the Lipton tea i cut the box up and got the teabag unpicked so it made a pillow. and placed it on a atc made out of a rice box. trust me all you can smell is the berries but shame the tea tastes of nothing but water!

2. the Green gingham bush was an old card which i took the gingham and matted it onto a card atc which was made from the rice package again and i used the bush which i printed out last year which looks kinda cute, added some diamond glaze and a gem and lastly a dragon fly plastic charm

3. The sweet one was cut and matted all onto it and stuck on, I'm not that happy with it so i could make the change in the next few days if i find something suitable.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my blog x

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