Sunday, 16 May 2010

Wales and things

After putting off the visit to wales due to my ill health and the fact of emptying the caravan would mean getting rid of some more of Nicks moms things, wasn't that easy to face.

we decided to go yesterday and empty the caravan, we got there at 1030am the weather was lovely with temperatures hitting 17°C which was lush, if the caravan was up to it, i wouldn't have come home but the caravan was infested with mice and as much i will be sad to see the old caravan gone i will be so glad when we get a new one

the above link is the one we are thinking at going for, as much as its allot of money, for 25 + years of rest and relaxation all in a 2 1/2 hour drive makes it worth it, and my family can use it so an added get away

So apologies i didn't get back to people yesterday

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Sue. said...

great caravan would serve u well xx