Sunday, 9 May 2010


So sorry that i haven't been posting much, with things going on at work and home, things have been a bit of a distressing time of late.

Probate is through at last which to us means we can sell the house and get a new caravan in wales in Llwyngwril not far from Fairbourne, where his moms old caravan is and we are hoping to put some of her ashes on the bush with Nicks dads if we haven't lost the plot ( which I'm hoping we haven't)

Chloe and Clover are getting on better which is good news Chloe loves going out while Clover still is lazy as ever but she will get up and play occasionally with Chloe play fighting. seems as Chloe's ear is healed well considering we don't actually know what happened but it makes her unique lol. As you can see from the photo she seems happy enough and still manages to cause trouble

Work is still the same I'm still based at New Street Station where i hate if I'm honest and I'm so used to being busy in that job I'm not :( . The case is still ongoing which means I'm still ill on and of and as much as i was being positive and thinking the same the visit to the work doctor wasn't what i hoped, he brought it all back to life where i was ill again and this time 10 times worse so after trying not to to go see my own GP, which he is brilliant and tries to help me out with different medications and to try to stop the stress and the anxiety and so again back on tablets to try help me out. Since November i have lost about 1 stone and half my mom said not all bad but i didn't want to loose it from being ill. Im hoping the end of may we will have it all resolved and i can get back to my job as roster clerk as i really miss the signallers and the managers as much as it pains to upset me. lol but they arent all bad just proved to me who i can really trust in this job and the answer is about 4 that's very low with how many i speak and get on with but someone once said to me " when your a roster clerk everyone wants to be your friend" and trust me that's so true.

Also lost a friendship who i valued allot as she said i wasn't there for her and i was on such a downer i was being selfish and in my own world so I'm sorry Lynne x

done some atcs as not much i can do feeling like this i will post them all after

Take care all

Jacqui x

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gypsyrose said...

so sorry to hear that you are still going through such a rough time, hope things will improve for you, and you can get back to your old self again
Its nice to see you taking part in some challenges again, keep it up.hugs Mary